“Bilbo Baggins! Do not take J. R. R. Tolkien for some conjurer of racist caricatures!”

“Bilbo Baggins! Do not take J. R. R. Tolkien for some conjurer of racist caricatures!”

2 years ago
  1. Another take is that Tolkien -having been through the horrors of WW1 himself- made up an “evil”, twisted race as the enemy because he didn’t want to defend and glorify killing other humans your superiors tell you are “evil” because they are from a certain country or culture, but who have been drafted into this war just like you were. The other human races (e.g. the Easterlings) are forgiven in the end and made peace with.

    In the LOTR war is about protecting what you love. Not about the glory of killing. See Faramir:

    “I do not love the bright sword for its sharpness, nor the arrow for its swiftness, nor the warrior for his glory. I love only that which they defend”

  2. Orcs, as I have come to understand it through several Tolkien scholars (best job in the world?), are the twisted, evil version of Elves. They show that anything is corruptible. I believe it is in The Two Towers that Gandalf says that Sauron cannot make, he can only mock.

    Orcs, trolls, wargs – these are not created races or species, but the result of Sauron and Morgoth mocking Illuvatar’s original, good creation.

  3. Tolkein strikes me as the kind of guy that if someone said to him they think his orcs and goblins are racist representations of other cultures, he’d calmly hold his pipe, look them dead in the eye and reply “sounds as though that says more about you and your perceptions than it does me and mine.”

  4. If anything in the book is racist its not the orcs. Its the easterlings.

  5. “The virtue signalers dug too deep looking for racism”

  6. OG Orcs are twisted maïar (they existed even before the awakening of elves or men) and their descendants (a.k.a orcs in LOTR/Hobbit times) are the offspring of those OG orcs and wild beasts twisted by Morgoth. Nevertheless, there might have been some half breeds between orcs and enslaved humans/elves like the Uruk-hai. Also, esterlings and evil men and dwarves are not inherently evil, they were corrupted. Still, the Tolkien universe is not a white supremacist allegory, a pro western/christian values allegory probably.

  7. wait..are ppl really coming for tolkien saying that he’s racist?? ommffggg..when there are real actual racists in the world

  8. I have a realization. Orcs were the way they are because of Sauron’s influence of hatred and anger. Now that he is gone could Orcs become a peaceful race and co-exist with other races like in Elder Scrolls and such?

  9. This is all getting a bit crazy if you ask me. You shouldn’t have to worry about people thinking you’ve said something that you haven’t said. Kind of reminds me of English class where the teacher is constantly trying to get you to dig deeper into the text to find a deeper meaning that may not even be there.

    As another comment said it seems like the secret meanings they find say more about them than the author.

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