1. Why can’t we acknowledge that both of their journeys were difficult and heroic? It’s a journey that couldn’t have been done alone, Frodo battled the power of the ring and Sam battled external threats to Frodo.

  2. I would like it if people appreciated, what it means to have a burden. And what it means to carry it through to the end as an effort to be free of it. Tolkien projected his WWI experiences and burdens he carried with him through Frodo’s suffering. (I am not saying it is an allegory of WWI, don’t at me people). He did say that what experiences someone has in his life, influence him, and that is true. Frodo WAS the one that struggled and suffered the most, he actually did the BEST job and his resolve should be recognized and appreciated. If Sam was not there he would never have reached his goal and that is also a fact. BUT Sam would never be able to carry the Ring. The destruction of the Ring, would not have been possible if it wasn’t for both of them and each played their part. I am frustrated when people say Frodo was weak or Frodo was useless, because oh man he was none of these things!
    I really wish more people understood what it means to carry and emotional burden and how it can consume you, and how great of a job Frodo did.

  3. Let’s be real here, Frodo was essentially a heroin addict being asked to walk the Appalachian Trail to destroy the fount of all heroin.

  4. I mean to be fair Frodo was super drained by the time they reached Mordor so he didn’t do as much as Sam did at that point.

  5. Fact: Putting something in the facts book template doesn’t make it true

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