Because the other guy seemed to have so much fun

Because the other guy seemed to have so much fun

Because the other guy seemed to have so much fun

2 years ago
  1. I expect you will be drunk by the time they leave the Shire!

  2. The intro is already making quick use of the third rule.

  3. So a few questions. When someone pulls out a sword, do you drink for every person or the scene? Cause, like, there’s thousands of swords being drawn in some scenes. Even at weathertop you gotta think, 5 wraiths, Aragorn, the hobbits, there’s nearly 10 shots right there. Fucking eh.

    Edit: and Merry and Pippin talking about food. Is the 2nd breakfast scene a shot per meal they mention, or just one for the scene? The logistics are blowing my mind.

  4. Bois the fuckin silent assassin was the scene with Arwen at the river. 6 of those muh fuckas pulled out their swords.

  5. I’ve seen a version of this where one of the rules was drink every time there’s a long pan over the New Zealand land scape. I think you’d literally die 😂

  6. A BIG drink after Pippin causes the skeleton to go down the well. I really think it would be cool if there was a scene that showed the fellowship taking an overnight watch in Moria. Gandalf at the beginning says it’s a 4 day journey through Moria but they go through it in what feels like 30 minutes maybe. At least show an overnight cycle, right?

  7. I had a savior and the lady brought back korean barbecue from a popular food truck around here so I sobered up just a little bit. However, they say ‘ring’ or ‘the ring’ so much at the council of Elrond that any recovery is gone. Grammar and spelling exist but I’m not getting into the driver seat of a car. I’m 4 12oz beers down.

    Edit: oops, a grammar mistake teehee

  8. BREAKING NEWS BULLETIN: I’m counting Pippin’s burp after eating four pieces of Lembas bread at Lothlorien as grumbling about food.

  9. I’ve always wanted to make a meme out of this but couldn’t think of something good to make: why the FUCK does Aragorn say “where is the ring” so maliciously and then lightheartedly says “I swore to protect you”. The shit doesn’t make any sense.

  10. Can you fucking imagine saying ‘Sauron was destroyed’ and then hearing a whisper come from the ring? Frodo just fucking glances at it like it’s just a little weird but still normal. That’s the same dumbassery that white people have in haunted house movies. Frodo is really the worst.

  11. You will die of alcohol poisoning before the end of the movie

  12. We made it and have continued drinking. The low alcohol content really helped because holy shit do the fellowship say ‘the ring’ a lot.

  13. 1. Someone says ‘precious’.
    3. You see Sauron’s eye

    Drunk before Rivendell

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