At the end of the day we all like tiddies

At the end of the day we all like tiddies

At the end of the day we all like tiddies

3 months ago
  1. Amazon’s Viewer Policy – Every time a hobbit fingers the ring you have to follow along at home.

  2. Just pirate it, doesnt give jeff bezos his cash cash

  3. No, if it’s legitimately bad, I simply won’t watch it. We already have a near perfect movie trilogy, no need to taint the memories with something that completely undermines the tone of it. See: Disney Star Wars movies.

  4. “They hate and love the nudity, as they hate and love themselves”

  5. Ofcourse. Everyone being so fucking surprised that the show is gonna be GoT2, is gonna watch it anyway, however shitty it may be. After all, it’s made for mainstream normies, not people who actually read the books and like the lore. What, you thought for even a second that an evil megacorporation will make something of worth and quality, at the expsense of possible profits? Some chairman probably threw a dart at a wall to pick a franchise they are going to exploit and ruin next.

  6. Seriously do I need to see elves wearing leaf shaped outfits to cover their bobs and vagene. Or do I need to see elendil showing the true meaning of his nickname “the tall”?

  7. Hahaha so so true. I will definitely watch it. Except I don’t like titties. I have my own. They’re great and all, but not for me.

  8. My advice is, if you dont wonna support it but wonna watch it : pirate it

  9. Honestly that’s what I’m afraid of, that I’ll want good lord of the rings content that I’ll be willing to accept what I would never want to accept

  10. I’m sure the sky won’t fall in and I’ll be great. Sure Tolkien’s work isn’t really aligned with something like game of boobs, but it’s 2020 and they are probably just trying to give the mainstream audience what they want, not what hardcore fans want. Remember lotr was penned in a world before Tinder and the McDonaldisation of relationships and sex.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what the nipply overloards come up with.

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