1. My dad still mentions the horror of the day, nearly twenty years ago now, where my brother and I woke him, already suffering from a massive hangover, and reminded him of his drunken promise the night before to take us across the city to a Pokemon tournament being held in the middle of nowhere at 10am on a Saturday.

    He still took us, bless him, and apparently found a few other dads in the same situation at the nearby pub. I won a Mew. 10/10 Saturday for me.

  2. *A post with gold and no comments*

    Don’t mind if I do

  3. The way is shut.

    It was made by those who are dad, and the dad keep it.

  4. Told my 2 year old we were going to grandma’s the next day. Gets up at 6:00 am, take them to the bathroom for morning constitutional, “can we go to grandma’s now?”

    No. No we can’t.

  5. and then there are the parents who always promise “tomorrow” but then tomorrow happens and the parents forget all about what they said.

    eventually your kids will just give up on trying to have a relationship with you at all and just accept the food and lodging until they can move out.

  6. my brother told me that his 2 kids pinch his feet when they wake up before him

  7. I wish. My kids never want to go. Probably cause it’s still close to 100 degrees where I live.

  8. “I’m horny, let’s do the naughty fucky.”

    “Im tired, but we’ll do it tomorrow morning”

    *early morning birds chirping

  9. God this is so accurate. They just ask you over and over until you have to do it to end the guilt

  10. LMAO

    Have to add a condition to every promise.

    “If your room is clean tomorrow we will go.”

  11. I hope this person doesn’t have ghost murderers as children

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