And we were all deceived..!!

And we were all deceived..!!

And we were all deceived..!!

2 years ago
  1. And into that movie was poured all of Hollywood’s malice, its cruelty, and Shia LeBouf.

  2. Nice meme. I may have to torture myself and watch Crystal Skull again and see if really is as bad as I remember!

  3. Unpopular opinion…but I liked KotCS. Timeline wise it made sense with the Russians and aliens versus the Germans and religion. I also don’t understand how aliens are somehow less believable than magical religious artifacts. I didn’t like Temple of Doom though. THAT was too far out there. Also, Indy has always been a bit on the edge of the believable, so I didn’t mind it. Shia is also kind of a great actor, but clashed with the director/producers on this movie.

  4. I personally didn’t really like temple of doom, so maybe I’d put it there with kotcs but that’s just me. Very Good meme otherwise

  5. In the Last Crusade, Indiana and his friends rode off into the sunset. Riding into the f$#@ing sunset! The End! All good stories end that way! Like how Frodo, Gandalf, and Bilbo sailed away into the sunset!

  6. Wait, didn’t everyone hate Temple of Doom too?

    Epic meme tho

  7. And here I thought everyone loved every Indiana Jones movie.

  8. Unpopular opinion, but I actually like Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. So much so that when I first saw Galadriel in FOTR, I was bouncing up and down and shouting “IRINA SPALKO!!!!”

  9. Unpopular opinion, The last crusade is better than raiders of the lost ark

  10. I like Crystal Skull, fight me. Sure they could have toned down the alien stuff about but it was a fun watch.

  11. > Raiders of the last ark

    Seriously? Nobody else is going to comment on that?

  12. I actually liked Crystal Skull. I didn’t love it but I feel like the general reaction was a major overreaction. Much like the reaction to Phantom Menace.

    Great meme. Bad grammar. Meaning no offense. (In case English is a second language).

    The antecedent of “who” in each case is not “race” but “men, dwarves, etc.” which means the conjugation should be “love” not “loves.”

    Galadriel herself agrees with me. She says “who above all else desire power” not “desires” as this meme would suggest.

    Sorry for being that asshole who can’t let this kind of thing slide sometimes because it makes memes harder to read and enjoy.

  13. I love the Temple of Doom purely for nostalgia reasons. The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is a travesty. The rest of the movies are awesome.

  14. Having recently rewatched temple of doom and last crusade, I can say that last crusade was great and temple of doom was fucking terrible; so many terrible Hollywood portrayals of women and non-white people, and tbh the plot sucks too. It’s super basic, they go to investigate a cult, get captured by the cult, then escape and destroy the cult. Last crusade had intrigue, twists and turns, lessons on the meaning of life and on belief, whereas Temple of Doom was a white man and a British army successfully defeating an Indian cult literally named “Thuggee”, as in “thug”, in order to save a village of helpless, starving Indians. So much of that movie is unwatchable in the current social climate it’s frankly astonishing.

  15. John Rhys Davies and Cate Blanchett were both in Indiana Jones films interestingly enough.

  16. It’s been a while since I’ve seen crystal skull but I remember it being pretty cool.

  17. Wait, everyone hates temple of doom? that’s my favourite of the series by far

  18. Temple of Doom is the worst in the series. You can’t change my mind.

  19. I’ve had to consider a lot of things non-cannon from series I like. Indiana Jones, Star Trek, Star Wars.. thankfully the LOTR trilogy remains a gem untouched even by the crappy hobbit movies.

  20. I have no real attachment to the series, finally watched them all and I thought 4 was pretty much fine. Last Crusade was my favorite though

  21. Not very often I see a Indiana Jones related meme. Take my upvote.

  22. I need to rewatch this film. I remember liking it in theaters as a kid but I haven’t watched it since.

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