Anakin kinda looks like Frodo in this scene

Anakin kinda looks like Frodo in this scene

Anakin kinda looks like Frodo in this scene

2 years ago
  1. The prequels being called “one of the greatest movie trilogies of all time” and comparing it favorable to the LotR is indeed a funny joke!

    You get my upvote sir!

  2. Y’know, the more I follow /r/prequelmemes, the less I think that the love for the prequels is (Palatine voice) ironic.

    LoTR was always better though.

  3. *Yikes* some of the people in these commemts are very elitist. Obviously LotR’s movies are better made then the Prequels, which as a Prequel I will be the first to admit had pretty bad dialogue in at least the first two movies, but the world building and epic scenes are still present in the Prequels. It’s just hard to beat Tolkien’s level of it, because his is amazing. They certainly aren’t “absolute garbage, god awful trash.”

  4. …….are we really….are we really going to compare these two trilogies like they are on the same level?

  5. The prequels were fucking garbage, any way you slice it. LoTR was the cinematic masterpiece of the decade, probably the century. Considering Return of the King came out in 2003 and Revenge of Shitty Actor came out in 2005, the link you are seeing here is George Lucas being a thieving hack who stole an incredible scene from a good movie to try and dress up his hot, steaming pile of shit movie.

  6. Are you suggesting Episodes I and II are good?Let alone better than the originals?

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