A movie-specific meme

A movie-specific meme

2 years ago
  1. But if Samwise did trust Smeagol, then him and Frodo would have walked right into Shelobs lair and Gollum would just take the ring back once they were all digested or whatever.

  2. I think about this with Boromir too. In the books there’s a scene where Merry and Pippin are kind of side eyeing Boromir while he is quietly behaving like a drug addict because the Ring is fucking with him, and I always wonder why no one pulled Boromir aside to just be like hey man, what you’re going through is normal. I know you really are worried about Gondor, and you guys have been on the front lines for so long and really have seen some shit but this Ring is really fucking evil and is going to destroy all of us from the inside out. Hobbits really only care about gardening so it’s pretty safe with them but we gotta hustle because as you can see, Frodo’s neck is all fucked up from the Ring corroding his bare fucking skin.
    Obviously a different ending in this case too lol

  3. “One person can’t feel all that at once, they’d explode”

  4. Didn’t matter by that point. Gollum’s trust was already broken.

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