A model of Minas Tirith

A model of Minas Tirith

A model of Minas Tirith

2 years ago
  1. Imagine living on the shady side of the pinnacle, and just never ever being able to dry your fucking clothes while the people on the sunny side have all the sunshine they need.

  2. How about a model of what Gondor looked like when the Westfold fell?

  3. I don’t like how much I would be willing to spend on this

  4. I would do many things to see a flaming Denethor plummeting down the face of that cliff

  5. Is there a direct route from the ground level to the citadel?

  6. I bet there’s a big East Side vs West Side (spur of the rock) rivalry in Minas Tirith.

  7. Can someone draw the path Denethor took on his way out? Kthx

  8. Where can you buy this, since it says: “final product may differ” it looks to me its will be for sale(soon)

  9. Oh! So that’s where Gondor was when the Westfold fell. Thanks for clearing this up.

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